Minecraft Party Favors

MinecrAft PArty FAvors

What would a Minecraft party be without the star of it all?
 Steve block head bags!
 We printed and cropped the image and glued them to brown paper bags. 

And well, we all need a little LIFE during game play.

These cubes were purchased at Joann Fabrics in the wedding favor aisle. 

We downloaded the Minecrafter 2.0 font and a pixleated heart. 
The printer was low on ink but I think this time it worked to our 
advantage making it look 
more like the game.

SSSSS! Ka-Pow! 
Dinomite! (Just ask any Minecrafter to explain)  
We measured red cardstock, wrapped and taped them to 
bubbles bottles that had been previously tied with cord.

Then using a stencil font we created and printed a TNT label. 

Here are the finished dynamite. 

And to keep the kiddos busy while preparing other party details 
they helped with the perler bead creeper party favors. 

Looks like the chest is full of treasure!

Ka- POW!