Mexican Themed Party Decorations

We wanted to share our design for our church fundraiser the Noche Latina, a Mexican themed party we throw every year.

 Chenille stem embellished letters

 We've had the papel picado for years.  It's the plastic kind so it holds up much better than the tissue paper kind would.  You can get a similar one from Oriental Trading.

 We only have one string of the rounded shape papel picado, but it's my fave. We bought ours at mexicansugarskull, it's more authentic looking than the Oriental Trading kind.

For table coverings, we used white cloth with a red accent cloth and then ran ruffled crepe paper down the middle of each one with a few tissue flowers going down the line.

We made the table numbers by spray painting tin cans and planting marigolds in them.  We then made paper numbers glued to skewers to stick in each pot.

We had a blast sewing crepe paper on the sewing machine, stretching a bit as we went.  They look great with two colors together, and even better with three!

This was a thank you sign in the front with names of some of our sponsors.  We embellished with extra tissue flowers and ruffled crepe paper.


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