Easiest Paper Flowers Ever

We had a simple potluck dinner for the RE teachers at church last night and I wanted to make it a little special to thank them for all their hard work.  I only used what we had lying around and it took about 30 minutes total, but it turned out pretty well.
Tablecloths and napkins were from Party City last year and we just keep reusing them. 
To add a pop of color, I made these flowers from tissue paper that turned out way better than I thought they would.

Just fold a single sheet of tissue 3 times, giving you a rectangle with 8 layers of tissue.  Then cut a circle, just eyeball it, no need for perfection.  I fit two 8-layer circles on my rectangle, so two flowers from a single sheet of dollar store tissue.  Then take a glue stick, and start layering the circles; the bottom one is flat and each subsequent layer gets a little more crinkled.  It only takes a minute or two for each flower, and they made such a difference in our table!


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