Minecraft Party

Minecraft is a creative computer game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.  You can play creative mode or survival mode.   At night in survival mode creepers and other monsters come after you, so you have to build a shelter before that happens.  All four of my kids are BIG fans.  Angel is especially fascinated with the idea of building his own world.  So for his 5th birthday party, he wouldn't have any other theme.  We made the impossible possible and created our own pixelated minecraft party.  We survived, so can you!

Here is a pic of our cake and favor table.  Get the tutorial here
See how to make minecraft cookies.

Creeper family, find out how to make the tees here.

The kids' table, see how to make the creeper centerpieces here.  (coming soon)

Creeping up on the creeper

The birthday boy had a blast!

And mom and dad survived the party, too!


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