Creeper Tees

We love this project, it turned out so well!

The key ingredient is freezer paper.  When you iron it onto fabric, it sticks, creating the perfect stenciled edges, and then peels right off.  We drew the creeper face design onto graph paper 
and then traced it on freezer paper, then cut it out.

Ironing on fabric sets the edges. Using a foam brush use fabric paint to dab the paint on the tee.
It's better to use less paint and add more as you need it. Pay close attention to the corners and edges.

When the paint is dry you can carefully peel off the freezer paper.

Here is another Creeper tee we did. For this design we used a couple of different greens 
and used a square piece of foam to achieve the pixelated look.

If you're feeling like an over achiever you could make a Steve too! This design uses one layer to make the skin colors, another layer to paint the black areas, and yet a third layer to make the eyes.
Remember to allow the paint to dry in between each layer.
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