White Chocolate Sugar Skull Apples

I whipped up this quick (and dare I say fancy) dessert in under 30 min!

Gather these items:
Apple sticks or similar
Candy melts or chocolate bark coating
Piping bags
Parchment paper
Note: I used white chocolate bark coating and grated it using the food processor before melting. 

To speed up your process you can melt the white chocolate on low while washing and drying your apples. 
Use sturdy sticks for your apple's such as popsicle sticks or such. Pierce your apples using a cutting board as your surface. 
Dip your apples in the melted white chocolate, covering entirely. You might need to use a spoon to pour the chocolate pin the top. Rotate the apple stick to drip the excess back in the pan.
Place a piece of parchment paper on a cutting board or cookie sheet. This will serve as a resting place for your apples.
Once all your apples have been dipped then allow the chocolate to set as you melt other colors.
I melted my other colors in the microwave in disposable piping bags. I stood them upright in a glass canning jar for 20 second intervals.
Then you can either cut off the tip of the piping bag and begin decorating or use a decorating tip. 
Sugar skulls are traditionally decorated with flowers, crosses, scrolls, etc. Feel free to be creative! And be prepared to watch them disappear! 


  1. Cuando vuelvan a venir me traes un pastelito de white chocolate ��


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