Flying Monkey Costume

Flying Monkey Costume

Our youngest was addicted to Oz the Great and Powerful and 
wanted all of us to dress up as characters from the movie with him. 
As usual, we decided to craft our own costume rather than 
spend a fortune on something cheap made and unoriginal. 
He wore khaki pants and a navy blue blazer that he already had. 
I bought a blue long sleeve for under $10 at H&M, black wings at Party City for $10 
and crafted the bell-boy style hat using scrap fabric and stiff felt. 
I also crafted a tail using a coat hanger, fabric and stuffing.  

This little monkey stole my heart!

And look who else joined us during our journey down the yellow brick road:
China girl, Dorothy, The Wicked Witch, Jack Skellington, Fez and the Oz himself!


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