DIY Scepter

DIY Wicked Witch Scepter

To accessorize my Wicked Witch costume, I made a glowing scepter.

Materials: Neon green sparkly tulle, black tulle, a plastic Christmas ornament ball, 
a bouquet handle, orbeez and a submersible light.

First I had to grow the Orbeez.

While they were expanding, I gathered the tulle and
 hand sewed it to create a sort of pinwheel.

Here I am checking to make sure that 
the tulle fits around the ornament. 

Next, I added the orbeez to the ornament. 

Then I attached the submersible light, the green tulle 
and sat it on the bouquet holder.

This is what it looks like trick-or-treating.
I found some black and white striped 
ribbon last minute and added it too.

Here's the top view (with flash)

Happy Haunting!


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