Noche Latina Decoration

Noche Latina

Every year we find ourselves offering a helping hand (or two)
for our church's Noche Latina fundraiser. 
Year after year we tell each other that we have enough
 decorations and we've done this plenty of 
times so we have no need to stress or worry 
much less stay up until the sun rises

To take the graphics up a notch we purchased
digital graphics on
We use Publisher for most of our publications and
 that's how we made the table, and the string of lights.
We fell in love with a couple of new fonts recently and decided
 that "Lavanderia" and "Xiomara" looked absolutely wonderful!
Here is the flyer: 

Signs to match the decor were made as well- 
"No Stilettos," "No Minors," etc. 

We also had a Man Cave featuring a boxing
 match via PayPerView. 
The Man Cave was such a success that I'm sure we
will do it again in the future. 
The dance was held in the school gym which
we tried our best to decorate so that it 
wouldn't resemble a junior high sock hop 
but it turns out that after a margarita or two 
and when great music is playing nobody
 really seemed to care! 

Our church has a rock wall that we usually try to 
incorporate into our theme but this year it
 just didn't fit so we covered it with a 

What would a Mexican fiesta be without papel picado?

Our papel picado has been used 
(and repaired) for many years.
Some of it was purchased through Oriental Trading
 and some of it with Mexican Sugar Skull. 

We wanted to add a bit of color to the tables and decided
 to make our own cheap version of papel picado. 
We purchased doilies at Cash and Carry (about $5 for 200 medium) 
and dyed them using food coloring. Once they dried we used them
 on the tables underneath our centerpieces and table numbers. 


For the table numbers we spray painted Sangria bottles 
and added a few bright flowers in each. 

We even had a faux chalkboard sign near the cantina.
Using black foam board from the Dollar Tree, white chalk, and a steady hand!


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