Minecraft Bedroom Decor

My four children love playing Minecraft. Our youngest recently celebrated his fifth birthday and is now ready to sleep in his own room, in his own bed (goodbye backaches and neck cramps)! After searching the "World Wide Web" and coming up pretty much empty-handed, I made it my goal to create our own Minecraft room.

Here are a couple of before pictures:

First we painted the room a mossy green color on the two walls opposite each other. Then we painted the other two walls a light gray color and sponge painted it with silver to look like this Minecraft cobblestone block.

Next came the fun part: decor! Since most of the Minecraft decor online is so spendy
 and at the time of the room redo Minecraft was just beginning to catch on
 we decided on a couple of DIY projects that would fit this theme. 

and Velcro toy organizer

For the toy organizer: I found a scrap of metal in the garage and added a heavy duty 
Velcro strip. Then I added the opposite piece of Velcro to the toys that I needed out of the way.
The sword is leftover from his birthday party: 

A dirt block made from scrapbook paper and contact paper, pretty self explanatory.

Minecraft poster on wood

Repurposed shoe organizer:
Yes another way to keep toys off the floor. 
Since it is right next to his bed it is also handy for a
flashlight, small books and a water bottle-
 all necessary to prevent multiple excuses at bed time :)

And this Minecraft cube to house the piggie:

As you can see it takes a little more effort to create your own decor but it can be done.
The most expensive part was the paint.
Craft on fellow Minecrafters!


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