Masquerade Mask

Clay  Masquerade   Mask
 Using Sculpey Ultra Light oven bake clay roll out a piece big enough to fit across your face or that of the person that will use the mask.

I used a cheap mask as a template and since this was my first attempt
 I didn't worry too much about cracks or imperfections. 

Then I baked it according to the package directions and allowed it to cool.

Next, I painted the mask and allowed it to dry. 

This was the best part! I mod-podged the entire mask in ivory and gold lace.

Carefully trim the eye holes. 

I added more embellishments and painted the inside of the eyes for more emphasis. 

Ostrich feathers!

I purchased a small amount of silk fabric and sewed it to form a large flower. 
Last, I attached the feathers, flower and ribbon to the mask and a large dowel.

Ooh La La


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