Mexican Ceviche


I thought I'd share with you all how our family makes Ceviche.
Our recipes have been passed down for many generations, 
so we rarely take note of quantity,
 instead we go with what our heart says :) 

Ingredients (rough estimate):

shrimp meat (well rinsed)
imitation crab meat
diced cucumber
diced roma tomatoes
sliced green onion
finely chopped cilantro
fresh lime juice
salt (optional)
sliced avocado (optional)

We serve our ceviche on tostadas and garnish with homemade salsa and sometimes sliced avocado.
I have heard that some families eat their ceviche with saltine crackers though.
 Either way ceviche is the way to go for dinner on a hot day! 
Did I mention that it's always better the next day? 

Trust me, you'll want to make more than what you'd expect.


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