Magnetic Letter Tiles

Insistent that our fourth child learn to read (in Spanish) ASAP (you know how it is when your toddler keeps asking what every word he sees is), I began my online search for Spanish syllable games, apps and or flash cards. I came up empty handed. What's a mom to do?
Answer: make our own.
If your not familiar with the Spanish language, here's a little info:
Spanish is read in syllables ex. ma, pe, si, etc. to form words such as mapa, coco, cama.
See, not so hard after all! 

Whiteboard to magnetic surface tutorial:
I already had an existing white board/ cork board that was just waiting for a new purpose.
 I had tried everything to give the white board new life and had just about given up
when I realized I could make it into a magnetic surface! Yeah!
At Lowes I discovered that to repaint the white board with magnetic primer and then 
whiteboard paint would cost more than a new whiteboard (NOT good indeed!)
As I was about to give up I saw sheets of stainless steel and began to wonder if it
could be used as a magnetic surface. A quick Google search proved my theory
and newly inspired, I considered the possibilities.
Thanks to a gentleman shopper that recommended I consider making my
purchase a local sheet metal shop, I saved $30+! 
First, I measured the dimensions of the area I wanted to cover.
Next, I took off the top and side of the frame
(thank you tía Lori for your help with this step,  I wouldn't have known what to do).
Then we slid the stainless steel inside the the frame, nailed it up and voila!
Magnetic surface for syllable tiles.
On to the tiles:
Spray the tiles using regular canned spray paint.
I bought these tiles at Lowes in the bathroom tile are for under $5! It has over 144 tiles!
Once dry, use enamel paint for glass (you can find it at Michaels) and a thin brush to paint 
whatever letters or syllables you'd like. I added 3D gloss enamel paint after it was dry,
just to give it something extra special.
Dry completely then bake at 275 degrees for about 15 min.
Allow to cool.
Using gel super glue to adhere magnets to the back.

Have fun creating silly phrases.
Here's my super student laughing at his sentence. 


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