Minecraft Sword Project

Yes, this project is a TON of work, but man did it ever turn out amazing!
We wanted an art project that would make the kids feel like they were part of the Minecraft world and that they could take home as a favor.  The birthday boy, like most 5 year olds, enjoys playing with weapons and so we went with a sword shape.  

We started with black foam core board and then cut out the shape of each sword using a pattern we made from enlarging an image of a sword from the internet.

Here is the enlarged image pattern with a few foam squares already placed.  Lety blew it up using publisher until the squares came out the size she wanted, 3/4 inch.  

The cutting was the most difficult part, and luckily Lety's husband is a wiz with an X-acto knife.

He figured out how to arrange them to waste the least amount of foam core board.
Then we had to cut the squares of foam and group it by color so we were sure we had enough of each color for each child to finish his sword.  
For each sword it took the following number of squares:
44 black
16 white
3 tan
8 gray
4 brown
9 silver glittered

And here they are at the party working on the craft.  We set out a bowl of each color of foam squares and let them have at it.


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