Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma Preschool Outfit~Tilma para los Ninos

Lety did this adorable craft/outfit with her preschool class in preparation for the feast of Our Lady of Gaudalupe.  At our church, many people dress up their little ones in traditional outfits from their pueblo or as little St. Juan Diegos.  So we decided to help them out by giving them the most important part of any Juan Diego costume: a tilma with the image of Our Lady.  If you don't know much about the miracle of Guadalupe, you can learn a little more through our post on the Guadalupe cakes we made.  
I think they liked it?

Lety made mini tilma's out of a muslin-like material.  
The material is from a Mexican store and actually used for stitching projects, but it has a nice thick texture.  She just cut a hole in the middle of a rectangle of fabric and didn't worry about finishing the edges since it's supposed to be a rough garment.  Then she found an image of Our Lady from the internet and printed it out, then hung up the tilma with the paper inside and traced over it with sharpie.

She had to repeat this process for all the 15 kids!  
But it made a perfect looking tilma all ready for the kids to color during class.  

And here is one of the students concentrating to stay inside the lines of her tilma.

It took a total of four teachers and helpers to keep the kids on task and guide them a bit on which colors to use where to ensure a look that they could wear to mass.

After each child finished coloring (with regular old crayons) we ironed over the image (with some paper in between the iron and the fabric) and the crayon became set.

 And here is the amazing finished product!  Can you believe how adorable? :)


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