Glass pebble mirror

The bottom half our walls were already painted with a faux look,
light gray and silver, the upper half was plain white.
Lately I have succumb to yellow and gray combos!
So it was easy to decide a color scheme.
First, I painted to upper half a light yellow.
Then I prepared my pebbles and measured the walls to purchase my grosgrain ribbon.
Here is my finished Glass Pebble Mirror
I used glass pebbles purchased at the Dollar Tree and
scrapbook paper to give the clear pebbles a different look.

The glass pebbles were attached with hot glue! Yes! It is that easy!!
As long as you don't have little kids that can pull
one of these off and choke on it, your good!

The decorated pebbles were made by adding a drop of Elmer's glue to the
 back of a pebble and adhering it to the already cut out paper circle.

The grosgrain ribbon was applied with mod podge.
 I kept a towl moistened to clean up any drips.

A couple of new hand towels

and a container with the leftover pebbles.
The nicest thing about this bathroom redo was that it didn't cost much at all.


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