Fashionista 10th Birthday Party

My daughter turns 10 at the end of this month and being an aspiring designer she has been planning this party for months so, with thanks to her suggestions, some help from Pinterest and some creativity from Genesee and Lori we present Alexis' 10th birthday party!

(The inside of the invitation)

We decided to set up activity stations since we knew from experience
that sewing with children takes a little longer. 
As each guest arrived they picked up a fashion portfolio from the main table. 

Each portfolio had a list of the stations so the girls could check them off as they completed them.

Everyone learned fashion vocaubalry.

Croquis: In fashion, the term refers to a quick sketch of a figure with a loose drawing of the clothes that are being designed. Often a large number of croquis drawings will be created for one finished look, which is fully drawn and finished.

The girls used stencils and a Fashion Angel drawing set to create their croquis.


A mood board is a type of poster design that may consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the mood board creator. Designers and others use mood boards to develop their design concepts and to communicate to other members of the design team.

For this station, the girls had to check their portfolios and read their mood board challenge.

We laid out magazines to be cut up and pasted on a paper to go with the look described in the challenge.


Although not a true Couture House, this station is where we
did the actual sewing of the loungers (pajama pants).

laying out the pattern

birthday girl sewing the inside pant leg


In fashion, a runway or catwalk is a narrow, usually flat platform that runs into am auditorium, used by models to demonstrateclothing and accesories during a fashion show.


Here they used fabric remnants to assemble their own outfit for the catwalk.
They used binder clips to hold the pieces together.

helping each other

walking the catwalk

showing off her lovely strapless gown


Sure to be the newest spring design

After dancing to Gangnam style they finally settled down for the Grand Finale!

I would like to thank my lovely seamstresses Lorrie, Rachelle, & Esmeralda and our Nail Artist Vanessa and Fabulous Party Coordinator Genesee.  These ladies put up with hours of loud music and laughter! We are blessed to have such wonderful friends!


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