Super Hero Party ~ Fiesta de Súper Heroe

We had a wonderful time planning and celebrating this little boy's 5th birthday.
He loves all super heroes as do a lot of boys his age.
Scroll down for invitation ideas, DIY super hero cape and cake idea. 

First, we started out with a simple photograph then played around with Photo Impact Pro to add super hero costume, scenery and thought bubble. The comic book effect was added using Picasa.

Once all text was added we printed them out and added some black glitter for that "POW" effect.

The inside of our invite

This is the back

When we started sewing these capes we planned on making 10 but, as usually happens with parties the RSVPs kept coming and before we were done we had made 22 capes! 

We found it a great idea to paint the name of each child on their cape to reduce confusion or lost capes at the park.

Every super hero needs gadgets!

This moment was very sweet and I just had to share this pic: an older sister - super hero-in-training earns her  badge when her younger sister falls off the swing and she comforts her as they walk to get a bandage.

What's a party without a piñata and cake?


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