Jersey Headbands from Old T-shirts

Cut up t-shirts become adorable headbands!  I spent a year volunteering at an orphanage in Bolivia after I graduated from college.  I recently went back for a visit and wanted to bring a fun craft to make with the girls during our time together.  I found lots of headband how-tos on Pinterest so I bought a bunch of XL t-shirts at the thrift store and cut them up with a rotary cutter to see what we could come up with.
My suitcase full of jersey strips made from 10 XL t-shirts.

Some of the finished products made by mostly 10 year old girls.I orignally wasn't sure quite how to make them, but brought directions for this cool and not too difficult knot.  From there, you get four strands of jersey, and each kid came up with her own way to do it.  My favorite way was a four-stranded braid. 

Knot and four-stranded braid.

Beginning the braid on the second side.

Take the second from the left over the second from the right.

Bring the new second from left all the way to the left.

Take the new second from the left over and under until it's all the way to the right.

Take the far left one under and over so it becomes the second from the right.
Just keep going.  Really confused? The pics should help you out.  It's not that hard once you get the hang of it.  :)

Finished with the braiding.

This is made with four strands, two of each color, but also looks great in 4 strands of the same color and even four different strands.
I made one to match my outfit, the colors of the orphanage.

A four-colored headband.

With two different colors in the four-stranded braid it ends up striped!

My girls working away. 

Joana must have made at least 10, she loved it.  Here she is doing the knot all by herself.
Modeling her creation. 


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