Ghostbusters Party

My birthday boy's invitation: special VIP pass lanyards
I purchased everything from Office Max and used images from Google.
Directions and time info were printed on the back of the pass.

The envelope

As any ghostbuster would know, it's very bad to cross the streams. 
 This could cause total protonic reversal. 
 (I also  heard that these streams shouldn't be used near unpainted walls,
clothing or birthday candles.)

Glow-in-the-Dark Ectoplasm
made using Borax, warm water, Martha Stewart's glow paint and
glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.
 Martha's paint alone did NOT glow for us,
but the color was perfect.
 *update: Here is a link to the Ectoplasm labels.

Loot baggies: Glow in the dark Ectoplasm, jello, pixie sticks,
glow bracelet, a twinkie, and their own can of streams to catch a ghost with!
(Notice: I forgot to take a picture of the finished bag
with their names printed on lime green slime cut-out)

Four batches of cake batter, three batches of home made marshmallow fondant, 
2 bags of giant marshmallows (besides the ones used for the fondant) and a dozen donuts 
were used in the making of Stay Puft and the base for the Ghostbusters.
 I send a special thanks to my awesome cousin Tomas for stayingup with me until 3am (YES! 3am!!)
 to finish this cake! The actual ghostbusters were purchased from 
Comic Collectibles in Milwaukie, Oregon.
Note: Stay Puft is meant to look like he's melting. 
Not bad for my first attempt at a 3D sculptured cake

The cake table
We added a foam "bank" to help support our tummy heavy Stay Puft cake

Genesee created a quick idea for placemats, 
using lime green construction paper she cut out to resemble slime.

A special gift from his Great Uncle, Mr. Balloon Twister!

Angle shared these with his siblings on the day of
 his actual birthday (2.29.2012-Leap Day),
chocolate chip cookies for breakfast!
Hand painted onto marshmallow fondant,
 there is fresh whipped cream under the fondant.
My kids LOVED these!


  1. Love the party ideas! would you be willing to share your labels?

  2. which ones are you asking about?
    The invite, the envelope, the glow in the dark ectoplasm, or the can of "streams?"

  3. Hi sorry! I was interested in the circular ectoplasm please!

  4. If you can please send your email, I can get these to you.

    1. Hi Leticia , I love the ectoplasm labels and was able to download but could you tell me what you printed them on? The only avery round labels I found were way to small. Thanks

    2. They sell them at Target and I've seen them at Office Max too. Here is a link:

  5. Nevermind, we figured out how to upload the file for you! :) Here you go! We hope your party turns out great!

  6. Oh my goodness thank you thank you thank you! His party is tomorrow and these are perfect! I've had so much fun with this theme and appreciate you sharing!

  7. hello where did you get the ectoplasm jars?


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