Cut Paper Birdcage Card

Another fun project from Papercrafting in No Time by Clare Youngs.

The design in the book is for a white birdcage. I decided to make mine black, as if it was made of wrought iron. So I changed the shape of the template to be more rounded and more believably iron.
On the left is the original cage template from the book, on the right is my version. First I cut my template in white paper. Then I cut it out of black paper for the card. I used artist's tape cut into small pieces to secure the template to the black paper while I cut it. Tools of the trade: exacto, metal ruler, cutting mat. Black birdcage is all cut out. Next I cut out the bird twice using the template from the book and its wings also. I used a piece of beading thread to suspend the bird. I sandwhiched the thread between the two identical bird cutouts. The hole for the eye and the wings are very cute touches. Slightly blurry close-up of the bird. Next I cut a square into the front of the card. I attached the bird's strings to the card and glued on the black birdcage. Voila! I whipped up an envelope to fit the card since it is not a standard size. Ta da! :)


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